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Published: 16/11/2022

The Complete Guide to EDM Marketing | Yieldify (1)

Never heard of Electronic Direct Mail marketing? You’re probably not the only one. In this blog post, we seek to define how EDM marketing differs from regular email marketing campaigns, and illustrate with real-life examples.

In 2020, 306.4 billion emails are sent and received every day worldwide. Almost everyone in the world has an email address and email marketing continues to boast the highest ROI, making email marketing strategies essential for your business’s marketing efforts.

The Complete Guide to EDM Marketing | Yieldify (2)

If you’re already using email marketing – and more importantly if you aren’t – EDM marketing is the next logical step to improving your marketing efforts.

At its core, EDM marketing is all about delivering your offer via e-blasts. But upon closer inspection, we see that it is much more complex than a regular email marketing campaign.

Electronic Direct Mail marketing encompasses multiple media channels including printed marketing materials, social media, text message marketing, and even out-of-home (OOH) advertising to reinforce and retarget the message of your campaign.

Let’s dig into the ins and outs of EDM marketing and how you can implement EDM campaigns into your marketing strategy.


  1. First up: What exactly is EDM marketing?
  2. EDM marketing vs email marketing: What’s the difference?
  3. EDM marketing campaign benefits
  4. Build an electronic marketing campaign in 7 steps
  5. Build a personalized brand experience with EDM email marketing campaigns
  6. EDM marketing FAQs

First up: What exactly is EDM marketing?

Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) marketing is a marketing strategy used by companies to connect with existing and potential customers. Marketers use EDM marketing to send personalized emails that build strong customer relationships, foster brand loyalty and drive conversions.

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As mentioned before, however, EDM marketing is more than just email marketing.

An EDM marketing strategy uses various forms of media – email, social media, printed materials, text messages, out-of-home, and more – to help build your list and convert people to customers. By using other forms of marketing communications, you can reach potential customers and reinforce the campaign message.

The versatility and flexibility of Electronic Direct Mail marketing mean that it can work for almost any business. Whether you are running an eCommerce business, a service-based business or even a non-profit, EDM marketing can help you increase your conversions and grow your email list.

EDM marketing vs email marketing: What’s the difference?

You may still be asking yourself what the difference is between EDM marketing and email marketing – both use emails to build a list and grow conversions so understandably they seem very similar from the outset.

While an email marketing campaign is just that – sending emails through a third-party provider in hopes that those emails convert customers – an EDM campaign is much more complex.

A fully-fledged EDM marketing campaign starts with e-blasts but follows up with retargeting ads to capture those that have seen the email, a supporting social media campaign, and even billboards or printed ads in magazines.

The Complete Guide to EDM Marketing | Yieldify (4)

These supporting marketing campaigns build on the message that was first sent out in the email and each works as one of the many needed brand touchpoints that will help to convert prospects into customers, and one-time customers into repeat customers.

The marketing Rule of Seven states that a potential customer needs to “see or hear your marketing message at least seven times before they take action and buy from you.”

An EDM marketing campaign helps you reach those seven touchpoints by creating a comprehensive marketing strategy that goes beyond simple email communication as you do with email marketing.

EDM marketing campaign benefits

While a lot of the benefits of using EDM marketing are similar to those you get when using email marketing, the main difference is that multi-channel targeted campaigns generally show better results than standard email marketing campaigns

Saves time and costs

Both EDM and email marketing are extremely cost-effective – once you have your list, you can email them at quite a low cost based on a schedule you set out for your business. You can create beautiful emails using templates or the skills of an in-house design team at a fraction of the cost of creating a traditional mailer.

Time is also saved because you can do everything in-house without needing to turn to a printer or delivery service to get your message to your audience.

Builds trust and increases conversions

Being able to speak directly to your audience is one of the ways that a business can build trust with its customers – and email marketing is the most effective way to do this.

In fact, BCG study found that, for millennials, trusting a brand is second only to loyalty discounts in importance when choosing which companies to support. And a 2019 study by Edelman found that 62% of consumers are loyal to brands they trust, with another 51% stating that they would advocate for brands they trust.

The Complete Guide to EDM Marketing | Yieldify (5)

One of the greatest elements of EDM marketing is that you are working with a list of people who have given you their direct permission to contact them via email. They have opted-in to receive your communications, so you know that they are interested in hearing from you.


Because of this, they are more likely to engage with the content that your business sends. This allows you to build trust with your audience by sending them timely and engaging emails. And by building trust, you will be able to convert them into a paying customer.

Enables advanced personalization

EDM marketing campaigns give you the opportunity to highly personalize your email strategies based on how you segment your audience – more on that later!

Because of this, your business will be able to connect with your audience on a more authentic level, offering them information that is actually useful to them. No more sending out an email to a global audience promoting free shipping within the United States – with proper audience segmentation you can accurately address the different sections of your audience.

Traditional email marketing is all about gathering leads and trying to build a relationship with them. EDM marketing takes it one step further and tries to leverage the valuable information you have already collected to improve how you market to your target audience members. Personalized communications are just one way to improve the customer relationship.

Build an electronic direct mail marketing campaign in 7 steps

If you’re ready to implement an EDM marketing campaign, you’re in luck – they start quite simply, and then expand as time goes on. There are 7 steps to implement EDM marketing in your business, and the process starts much like a simple email marketing campaign.

Step 1: Choose an email service provider

If you already have an email service provider (ESP) of choice, then you’re ready to move to Step 2 – congrats! If this is the first time you are implementing any kind of email marketing in your business, you’re going to need to find an email platform that works for you.

The Complete Guide to EDM Marketing | Yieldify (7)

If you are implementing EDM marketing campaigns, we suggest moving away from a simple spreadsheet and investing in an email marketing software – features like list segmentation, autoresponders, automated workflows, and analytics alone make it worthwhile.

There are a lot of great options out there, and you will need to do a bit of testing to see what works best for you. Thankfully, most email marketing platforms offer you some kind of free trial – VerticalResponse gives you 60 days, while ActiveCampaign gives you 14 days and Constant Contact has a 30-day trial. Both MailChimp and Sendinblue have “free forever” plans with limited features for smaller list sizes.

You’ll want to ensure that whatever platform you choose, you have the ability to segment your list and to send automated email campaigns that are triggered by parameters that you establish.

Step 2: Build your list

The success of any email or EDM marketing campaign lies with your list of leads. You want to ensure that the names on your database are legitimate and that you are consistently cleaning your list (most software can help you with this!).

If you’ve been in business for some time, you should consolidate all of your contacts into one list. Pull contacts from email accounts, your eCommerce and CRM platforms, and your existing email list.

If you’re building your list from scratch, you’ll need to spend some time coming up with an email list building strategy. There are many email list building tools on the market that can help you turn more website visitors into subscribers.

  • Create a lead magnet – A 30-day trial, a 10% discount code, an interactive quiz – all of these work well in enticing your audience to sign up.
  • Offer multiple ways for your audience to sign up – Use lead capture forms, embed forms in your content, implement floating action buttons, and more to effectively collect email addresses on your website.
  • Have a dedicated page for lead capture – Create a strong lead capture page and link to it from your social media profiles, ads, marketing collateral, etc.
  • Don’t forget offline – You can use your physical stores and other physical presence to get people’s emails into your database.
The Complete Guide to EDM Marketing | Yieldify (8)

When building an email list at scale, there are some best practices you can follow to help improve the effectiveness of your strategies. Here are the key ones:

  1. Laser-focus your targeting – If you are an eCommerce store that sells cookware to avid bakers, it doesn’t make sense to target people who only show interest in dining out.
  2. Choose your triggers carefully – Consider the different times that your lead capture form can trigger: In exit, on timer, on scroll, on inactivity, etc. Determine how you can layer them to effectively capture the most leads.
  3. Personalize when you can – This is an opportunity to segment your list even further and deliver a personalized experience that will resonate with your audience.Use dropdown menus and radio buttons to gather additional data on your subscribers.
  4. Limit the use of CTAs – Instead of overwhelming visitors with too many calls-to-action, limit how many CTAs you have on a page or on a form. This will definitely lead to more conversions.
  5. Be transparent about your intentions – Be clear about what information you are asking for, why you’re asking for it, and how it will be used.
  6. Keep your forms simple – In general, the longer the form, the fewer submissions you’ll receive. So keep your forms as short and simple as possible.
The Complete Guide to EDM Marketing | Yieldify (9)

Step 3: Segment your list

Once you’ve built your list, it’s time to start segmenting. To be able to send your subscribers the most targeted, applicable content for them, you need to segment your list accordingly. If you are having a sale on women’s dresses, it doesn’t make sense to inform your male subscribers.

How you segment your list will depend on your objectives and the information that you have collected from your audience. There are four types of segmentation you can apply:

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  1. Demographic
  2. Psychographic
  3. Geographical
  4. Behavioral
The Complete Guide to EDM Marketing | Yieldify (10)

Demographic segmentation is the “who” of market segmentation. It looks at identifiable non-character traits like Age, Gender, Ethnicity, and more. For example, demographic segmentation might target customers based on their income, so your marketing budget is wasted on targeting people who cannot likely afford your products.

Psychographic segmentation is the “why” of market segmentation. It looks at your customers’ personalities and interests like Hobbies, Life goals, etc. It can be harder to identify this set of demographics, but they can be incredibly valuable in your marketing efforts.

Geographic segmentation is the “where” of market segmentation. It is incredibly easy to group your customers via physical location and it can be done in several ways: Country, Region, City, Postal code.

Behavioral segmentation is the “how” of market segmentation. It may be the most useful of all for eCommerce businesses. It does need some data to support it but most of this can be found on your website. The segments available include Spending habits, Browsing habits, Loyalty to brand, and more.

The Complete Guide to EDM Marketing | Yieldify (11)

Segmenting your list lets you address your customers’ needs, market directly to them, and send effective emails every time. It’s integral to an EDM marketing strategy.

Step 4: Create your email campaign

This is it! You’re ready to create your campaign and send an email to your list. Depending on which email platform you went with, the steps to create your campaign will differ slightly. But there are some key email marketing tips you can use when building your campaign:

  • Ditch the technical jargon – Speak directly to your audience in a language they can relate to.
  • Make your emails pop with visuals – Break up large blocks of texts with images.
  • Write a catchy subject line – Your subject line is the most important part of your email because it determines whether or not people see your email.
  • Stick to your brand – Be consistent in your email design, tone of voice, sending intervals, etc.
  • Don’t get sneaky with your unsubscribe button – Anti-spam laws are no joke, so be sure to have a visible unsubscribe button or link in the footer.

If you aren’t sure where to start when it comes to the types of email campaigns to send, these are great options for eCommerce businesses:

  • Special offer announcements
  • New arrivals / Product launches
  • “We miss you” type emails to lapsed customers
  • Holiday specials
  • Re-orders / Back-in stock notifications
  • Sale reminders
  • Introduction to your brand and USPs
The Complete Guide to EDM Marketing | Yieldify (12)

Step 5: Set up your autoresponders

Take advantage of autoresponders to help you automate your email communications. Autoresponders are emails that are sent automatically to your list based on the triggers you set within your email platform. Triggers can be:

  • A specific action, like when someone opts into your list and a welcome email is sent.
  • Timed release, like a week after signing up to your list, a discount code is sent.

If you’re looking for ways to include autoresponders in your EDM marketing campaign, try some of the following:

  • A birthday greeting
  • Bills, receipts, shipping confirmations, and other transactional emails
  • Product recommendations
  • Content built around visitor behavior on your eCommerce website
  • Abandoned cart reminders
The Complete Guide to EDM Marketing | Yieldify (13)

Step 6: Enable tracking

If you are running a marketing campaign of any kind, you must be tracking your results. Without analytics, you can’t fully understand how your campaigns are impacting your marketing objectives. Here are some of the key metrics you should be tracking for your EDM marketing campaign:

  • Open rate – How many people open your email.
  • Clickthrough rate (CTR) – How many people click on a link in your email.
  • Click-to-open rate – Compares the number of unique clicks to unique opens.
  • List growth rate – How many new people subscribe from your list.
  • Email sharing rate – How many people are sharing your email.
  • Unsubscribe rate – How many people unsubscribe from your list.

Most email platforms will be able to give you this information – coupled with Google Analytics, you should be able to track all the metrics you need to measure the success of your EDM marketing campaigns.

Step 7: Run complementary marketing campaigns

Depending on your goals, complement your electronic direct mail campaign with campaigns on other media channels, such as remarketing pay-per-click ads, social media posts, SMS remarketing, web push notifications, print advertising, or other offline strategies.

For example, if you’re promoting a new product launch and you’ve sent an email blast to your list, you can follow it up with targeted social media ads, SMS reminders on launch day, as well an advertisement in a magazine.

Let’s look at the “Back in Stock” email example from BLANQI, a nursing and maternity brand. BLANQI sent a promotional email to let their customers know that their popular Girl Shorts were back in stock.

The Complete Guide to EDM Marketing | Yieldify (14)

From there, BLANQI continued to adjust its eCommerce merchandising strategy and used a website hero image that promotes the Girl Shorts. It also served a “Welcome” lead capture overlay with radio buttons to be able to segment subscribers based on their needs.

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The Complete Guide to EDM Marketing | Yieldify (15)

The brand also ran paid social media campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, as well as social media influencer sharing to get the word out.

The Complete Guide to EDM Marketing | Yieldify (16)

And finally, BLANQI sent out another email to subscribers who had shown interest in both postpartum and maternity clothing that highlighted some of the ways you can style the Girl Shorts.

The Complete Guide to EDM Marketing | Yieldify (17)

By creating these multiple touchpoints and segmenting their list so they are reaching their target audience, BLANQI ensures that their customers and potential customers are aware that the Girl Shorts are restocked and on sale.

You are creating multiple touchpoints where you know your audience will be so that you can reach them more than once. The email is just the starting point.

Build a personalized brand experience with EDM email marketing campaigns

EDM marketing is a continuous effort to build a personalized brand experience through your marketing. It is all about creating trust and building relationships that convert with your customers.

If you’re unsure of how to get started, feel free to connect with our team and we’ll be able to offer you tailored lead capture and email remarketing strategies to boost your revenue and customer loyalty.

EDM Marketing FAQs

What is an EDM in marketing?

EDM marketing is an acronym for Electronic Direct Mail marketing. It’s a marketing tactic used by companies to target a large group of potential customers and focuses on building relationships to increase overall sales.

Is EDM the same as email marketing?

Both EDM marketing and email marketing use emails to build a list and drive conversions. However, traditional email marketing mainly involves sending emails through a third-party provider in hopes that those emails convert customers. A fully-fledged EDM marketing campaign is much more complex. You may start with e-blasts but follows up with retargeting ads to capture those that have seen the email, a supporting social media campaign, and even billboards or printed ads in magazines.

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What does EDMs mean in marketing? ›

Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) is a form of digital marketing strategy that businesses implement to promote products to a list of potential customers (who are opted-in) via email. In addition to EDMs, brands can also target customers across various channels through cross-channel marketing.

How do you make a good EDM? ›

7 Tips for Producing an EDM Track
  1. Base your sound around a classic EDM beat. ...
  2. Use your DAW's music notation function. ...
  3. Instead of using presets, create your own sounds. ...
  4. Use envelope filters. ...
  5. Embrace the full-frequency spectrum. ...
  6. Make music theory work for you. ...
  7. Learn from the artists you love.
7 Jun 2021

Is EDM direct marketing? ›

Definition of EDM Marketing

Electronic Direct Mail Marketing or EDM Marketing, is the strategy used by businesses to build a subscriber database to reach out to targeted potential customers through online and offline channels to build personal relationships, generate leads and increase sales.

What are the 7 C's of e marketing? ›

And a great approach to take is to implement the 7 Cs- customer, content, context, community, convenience, cohesion, conversion. Customers play a key role in the success of your company, and making them the center of your marketing efforts is the number one requisite for the 7 Cs model marketing to work.

What is EDMS workflow? ›

An electronic document management system (EDMS) is a software program that manages the creation, storage and control of documents electronically. The primary function of an EDMS is to manage electronic information within an organization's workflow.

Is Google Drive an EDMS? ›

But while Google Drive is an essential tool for any modern organisation, it is not a comprehensive electronic document management system (eDMS) for specialist businesses. An eDMS is a system through which companies can send, receive, manage, store, track, and record versions of documents.

Which is the best EDMS? ›

An electronic document management system (eDMS) is a type of software that stores, organizes, and manages documents in the form of electronic files for an organization. This system works best for documents that do not undergo much change, such as legal files, financial reports, marketing collateral, and scanned posts.

Why EDM is so hard? ›

Making electronic music can be perceived as hard because you have to struggle and grow as an artist before your tracks start to sound good. Becoming a talented music producer has a lot to do with having the right mindset and pushing through the moments where it feels like you aren't getting ahead.

How do I make my EDM stand out? ›

10 Tips To Make Your EDM Arrangements Stand Out
  1. Tip 1 - Solid Workflow. ...
  2. Tip 3 - Listenable Intros Are Key. ...
  3. Tip 4 - 'Rehearsing' Your Instrument Combos. ...
  4. Tip 5 - Vary Those Fills. ...
  5. Tip 6 - Smooth Transitions. ...
  6. Tip 9 - Loose The Crash.

What are the 4 main types of direct marketing? ›

Here are 11 of the most common types of direct marketing:
  • Telemarketing. Telemarketing involves contacting clients over the phone to sell them a product or service. ...
  • Email marketing. ...
  • Text marketing. ...
  • Direct mail. ...
  • Kiosk marketing. ...
  • Direct selling. ...
  • Social media marketing. ...
  • Brochures.
1 Mar 2021

Is EDM part of CRM? ›

EDM is a powerful tool for CRM and marketing. Use it.

What are the types of EDMS? ›

Different Types of EDM
  • Techno.
  • Trance. Trance music is an electronic dance music genre that came into being in the early 1990s in Germany and India. ...
  • Trap. ...
  • Glitch hop. ...
  • Industrial music.
  • Drum and Bass. ...
  • Chillout. ...
  • House.
11 Jun 2017

What are the 5 pillars of a digital marketing campaign? ›

  • Content Marketing. It's no coincidence this is first on the list of digital marketing pillars. ...
  • Inbound Marketing. ...
  • Social Media Marketing. ...
  • Email Marketing. ...
  • Mobile Marketing. ...
  • Bonus: Integrated Marketing.
11 Nov 2011

What are the 4 E's of digital marketing? ›

It's time to enter some E's into the equation. The future of marketing involves the 4 E's: experience, engagement, exclusivity, and emotion.

What are the 6 i's of e marketing? ›

Explore the characteristics of the media of e-marketing using the 6 'I's of Interactivity, Intelligence, Individualisation, Integration, Industry structure and Independence of location.

What are the 7 P and 4c in marketing? ›

In services marketing, an extended marketing mix is used, typically comprising 7 Ps ( product, price, promotion, place, packaging, positioning and people), made up of the original 4 Ps extended by process, people and physical evidence.

What are the 8 key parts of a marketing plan? ›

Start with a solid marketing plan with these 8 components:
  • Market Research. First, you need to understand the environment that you are selling in by using tools like a SWOT Analysis. ...
  • Target Audience. ...
  • Market Strategies. ...
  • Goals & Objectives. ...
  • Media & Tactics. ...
  • Budget and Action Plan. ...
  • Metrics. ...
  • Content Plan & Schedule.
30 Jan 2017

How do you use EDMS software? ›

The first step in using EDMS software is gathering and digitizing all of your relevant engineering documentation, including paper documents and digital files. Once the information is effectively scanned and saved, an EDMS can help you organize, analyze, and use your information to improve your workflows and processes.

What is the difference between EDMS and ERMS? ›

Like an EDMS, they may be as small as a stand alone desk top system or as large as an enterprise wide server-based system. Unlike an EDMS one cannot edit or revise documents or content once they are declared in an ERMS. An ERMS has the functionality to: receive of records.

Is SharePoint A EDMS? ›

Microsoft Sharepoint : currently the best EDM software for easy and efficient document management ! All documents are stored in one single location, collaborators have access to up-to-date relevant information concerning invoices, quotes, customer data, price lists, etc.

What are the advantages of EDMS? ›

In addition to improving business productivity, here are the top benefits of implementing an electronic document management system for your business.
  • Reduced Storage Space. ...
  • Enhanced Security. ...
  • Improved Regulatory Compliance. ...
  • Easier Document Retrieval. ...
  • Better Collaboration. ...
  • Better Backup and Disaster Recovery.
19 Mar 2015

Why do we need EDMS? ›

An Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) will ensure records aren't lost, and help you get any information or data you need quickly and reliably. Saving money wherever possible is key for any start-up, and storing documents electronically is a cost effective way to manage all your records.

Who is the king of EDM? ›

Some even call him an EDM legend or the grandfather of EDM – and here we refer to David Guetta as one of the best EDM artists in the world.

Who has the best visuals in EDM? ›

The 10 Best Electronic Artists With Fire Visuals, according to...
  • Sinjin Hawke and Zora Jones. FRACTAL FANTASY. 3.03K subscribers. ...
  • Murlo. Murlo. ...
  • Lanark Artefax. LANARK ARTEFAX. ...
  • Oneohtrix Point Never. Oneohtrix Point Never. ...
  • Bonaventure. Soraya Lutangu Bonaventure. ...
  • doon kanda. Doon Kanda. ...
  • Inkke. LUCKYME® ...
  • Mungo. Mixmag.
13 Mar 2019

What is the biggest EDM label? ›

Top EDM Record Label
#2Armed Recordings–1
#4Seeking Blue+84
#5Musical Freedom+12
60 more rows
16 Jul 2022

Is EDM good for the brain? ›

EDM lifts your spirits

Anticipation of the drop can increase your brain's dopamine levels, the chemical primarily responsible for making you feel good.

What age group listens to EDM the most? ›

The age group broadly incorporates people of 18 years of age to mainly 35 year olds. To be more specific, males between the ages of 18 to 24 are the bulk of this music's audience.

How long does it take to learn EDM? ›

There is A LOT of educational material out there to become an EDM producer. See, most people get on a decent EDM production level after about 3 years. We've been there ourselves.

What is the hardest EDM genre to produce? ›

Re: What EDM do you find the easiest and hardest to make? In theory, complextro/electro house, drum n bass, and dubstep would be the hardest for me to produce. Just the sheer amount of content that has to be made, with all the little wobbles and synths, which then have to be balanced and mixed well.

Who is the number 1 EDM Artist? ›

Top 15 EDM Artists 2021
  • David Guetta. It has never been possible for an artist to make such a strong comeback. ...
  • Tiësto. One world is normal, and the other is his. ...
  • Swedish House Mafia. When it comes to comebacks, these guys aced it. ...
  • Martin Garrix. ...
  • Sonny Fedora. ...
  • Kygo. ...
  • Don Diablo. ...
  • Lost Frequencies.
31 Dec 2021

What is the easiest EDM genre to make? ›

Thankfully for all you musical noobs there are plenty of simpler styles that even the most technophobic and lazy can master in as little as a few hours.
  1. Soundtrack. This quasi-genre is ideal for beginners because you can essentially get away with playing one chord for minutes at a time. ...
  2. House. ...
  3. Techno. ...
  4. Hip-hop. ...
  5. Drone.
9 Feb 2021

What are the two limitations of the EDM? ›

Disadvantages of Electrical Discharge Machining

The slow rate of material removal. The additional time and cost used for creating electrodes for Ram/Sink EDM.

What are the key features of EDM? ›

There are several distinctive features that are characteristic of EDM. While there are, traditionally, rarely any vocals in the EDM music pieces, what's typical for the style is the deliberately inorganic sounds and timbres, rhythmic pulse, and high and steady tempo of, usually, 129-150 beats per minute (BPM).

How do you do digital marketing for beginners? ›

Online Marketing Learning Tips
  1. Start with SEO. Many of the concepts used by PPC, content marketing, and social media marketing are based on SEO principles. ...
  2. Practice, Practice, Practice. ...
  3. Get Certified. ...
  4. Work with experienced Digital Marketers. ...
  5. Start your own digital marketing blog. ...
  6. Never stop learning.
25 Oct 2022

How do I get started in music marketing? ›

An internship in the marketing department of any record company would be ideal. Keep checking with the record labels and your college or university for any available internships. If you already employed by a record company, try and volunteer to work in the marketing department in order to get a feel for the business.

How do I digitally market my music? ›

Remember the Value of Your Music Business Network
  1. Set Up Social Media Accounts.
  2. Create a Content and Social Media Strategy.
  3. Use Different Tools to Find Your Audience.
  4. Consider How You Engage With Current and Future Fans.
  5. Get Your Music to Online Tastemakers and Influencers.
  6. Create an Electronic Press Kit.

How do I start marketing music? ›

7 top marketing strategies for musicians
  1. Determine your fanbase. ...
  2. Keep both potential and current fans in mind. ...
  3. Develop a social media marketing strategy. ...
  4. Cultivate a community around your music. ...
  5. Send your music to blogs, playlists, and press outlets. ...
  6. Create and monetize your own artist website. ...
  7. Pay for a PR/radio campaign.
2 Nov 2021

Can you self teach digital marketing? ›

Yes, you can definitely learn digital marketing theories on your own, but no, theoretical and practical are not the same. Here's something to help you out a little. If you search “Can I learn digital marketing online?” or “Can I learn digital marketing on my own?” on Google, the quick answer is yes.

Does music marketing pay well? ›

How much does a Music Marketing Manager in United States make? The national average salary for a Music Marketing Manager is $52,149 per year in United States.

Who is the best music marketer? ›

Top 11 Music Marketing Companies That Are Legit (2022)
  • Omari MC.
  • Independent Music Promotions.
  • Pressed PR.
  • Cyber PR.
  • Two Story Media.
  • simpl.
  • Venture.
  • Groove Garden.
4 Feb 2022

How can I promote my music with no friends? ›

How to promote music in 2022
  1. Sign up to artists services. ...
  2. Build a website & mailing list. ...
  3. Develop an engaging social presence. ...
  4. Get playlisted. ...
  5. Get press & blog coverage. ...
  6. Music videos. ...
  7. Surround yourself with a strong team. ...
  8. Know your audience & focus on your niche.
1 Jan 2022

How much money do you need to market a song? ›

Marketing Your Song

There's no definitive guide to how much you'll spend on advertising, and a single unpaid post could end up going viral if done properly, but a ballpark figure would be around $50,000, bringing the overall total for creating a hit pop song to around $75,000.

What is the meaning of 4 Ps? ›

The marketing mix, also known as the four P's of marketing, refers to the four key elements of a marketing strategy: product, price, place and promotion.

How do I sell my first song? ›

9 Steps to Sell Your Songs
  1. Hone your songwriting craft — write every day, record demos, build your catalog and track record.
  2. Constantly learn about music.
  3. Partner with up-and-comers, including other songwriters and artists.
  4. Collaborate with signed writers. ...
  5. Build your network.


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Author: Lilliana Bartoletti

Last Updated: 12/06/2022

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