Shattered Throne solo guide - Destiny 2 (2023) (2023)

Shattered Throne solo guide - Destiny 2 (2023) (1)
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Learn the tricks to make a Shattered Throne solo attempt easier or a duo attempt a little less problematic in Destiny 2.

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(Video) How ANYONE Can Solo Flawless Shattered Throne In JUST 20 MINUTES!


The Shattered Throne is an endgame activity in Destiny 2 that can be soloed with some practice. The reason why someone might want to solo this activity could be for the unique emblem, the challenge of doing it flawless, or to simply upgrade some specific armor.

Even if you don’t want to solo the Shattered Throne, there are some tips below to help you complete it with a Fireteam of two players. It’s worth noting that this guide will assume you have some knowledge of the activity, if you do not, take some time to read over the full breakdown of theShattered Throne dungeon.

Shattered Throne solo build

Before you solo the Shattered Throne, you will need to ensure you have a few decent weapons. The weapons listed below are currently the preferred options as of Season of Opulence and Solstice of Heroes. In the event you have none of these weapons, the task of soloing the dungeon won’t be impossible, just a bit more challenging.

(Video) How ANYONE Can Solo Flawless Shattered Throne In JUST 20 MINUTES!

  • Outbreak Perfected
  • The Recluse
  • Inaugural Address
  • Grenade Launcher with Spike Grenades
  • Tractor Cannon
  • Whisper of the Worm

Outbreak Perfected is recommended, especially if you can Masterwork it beforehand. With the added nanite damage, you can greatly chunk the health of the ogres, strong enemies, and even Vorgeth.

Shattered Throne solo guide - Destiny 2 (2023) (2)

The Recluse is just an all-around great weapon, but it excels during the Vorgeth encounter. The Wizards that drop the debuff are made trivial with The Recluse. However, not everyone is able to reach the Fabled Glory Rank, in which case Inaugural Address is a great replacement.

A Grenade Launcher with Spike Grenades is a fantastic boss melting weapon. Select one from our list of best Grenade Launchers in Destiny 2. The only encounter you will be using another type of Power weapon is the fight against Dul Incaru.

For the Dul Incaru fight, Tractor Cannon and Whisper of the Worm are still great options. Tractor Cannon for those Warlocks out there and Whisper of the Worm for all classes. The challenge will be preserving ammo for Dul Incaru.

In terms of armor, try and have a full set of Transcendent Blessings inserted into every piece of armor. These mods will increase the amount of damage you deal while in the Dreaming City, making it significantly easier to take down bosses.

Shattered Throne solo

Soloing the Shattered Throne, or even two-manning it, is a great challenge. A lot of patience is going to be needed, as the areas outside of the bosses are lengthy, have a lot of enemies, and a death means restarting the section. The boss fights require repetition to learn, and a bit of luck with enemy positioning.

  • Vorgeth solo
  • Dul Incaru solo

Erebus solo

Shattered Throne solo guide - Destiny 2 (2023) (3)

The starting area of the Shattered Throne, Erebus, is easy enough to solo. This area is all about patience, slowly clearing enemies, and watching where you jump. Special attention should also be paid to the Taken Cabal, as they will push you right off the edge.


Take it slow as you move from symbol to symbol. Try to clear the smaller enemies before whittling down the Architect.

The Descent solo

The Descent is going to be another slow and steady section. A death here can spell a lot of time wasted. Fight up the stairs, using a sniper rifle to take down enemies from a safe distance.

Once inside, you will need to take down the Hobgoblin with a sniper rifle to avoid getting overwhelmed. Be careful of the Taken Knights’ fire, as it can very quickly kill you. At the end of the area is the rafters section with the ogres.

Shattered Throne solo guide - Destiny 2 (2023) (4)

For the rafters, move forward until you activate the enemies and then backtrack to a safe distance. Snipe the ogres or use Outbreak Perfected to kill them swiftly. If you need to get closer to them, ensure you have an object or more floor behind you as their eye blast can push you off.

The hallways full of Shadow Thrall should be moved through with relative ease. Use a Super to swim through them easily, especially a Super that has an Exotic that regenerates power on kill. Doom Fang Pauldrons, Gwisin Vest, or just bottom-tree Dawnblade.

Vorgeth solo

Vorgeth could very well be the place where a lot of people give up on a Shattered Throne solo attempt. The position of the enemies, the managing of debuffs, and dealing enough damage to Vorgeth are all difficult to juggle. Though, with the right systems and movement, it’s possible to complete this in one or two rotations.

Shattered Throne solo guide - Destiny 2 (2023) (5)

First of all, weapon selection is important. Outbreak Perfected can deal a lot of damage if you’re able to keep up sustained fire. A Warlock with a Well of Radiance and Lunafaction Boots or a Titan with Rally Barricade can breeze through the damage phase. For a Hunter, a Grenade Launcher with Spike Grenades might be the preferred option. The trouble is relying on Heavy ammo drops if you can’t one-phase the boss.

The main strategy for this fight is to keep the Wizards barely alive until all the other enemies are defeated.


To deal with the enemies, begin by positioning yourself to the right of where you drop down. Hiding behind this pillar, you can kill the enemies on your left without getting hit by Vorgeth.

Kill the enemies on your left, keeping the Wizard alive on a skerrick of health. Then, focus your efforts on any enemies you can see to your right. Push up to them when most are dead and whittle this Wizard’s health down, too.

Shattered Throne solo guide - Destiny 2 (2023) (6)

Continue the push around anti-clockwise, using the barricades near the stairs as cover. Clear the enemies, pop the shield of the Wizard if it gets froggy, but keep it low on health.

Push up to the final side. It’s here than you can start the process of killing the Wizards. Clear the enemies, pick up the debuff and circle around the arena, killing the rest of the Wizards and picking up their charges. Once all four charges are collected, dunk your preferred brazier and get to damaging Vorgeth.

(Video) Beginners Guide to Solo Shattered Throne - Destiny 2

If you cannot one-phase Vorgeth when solo, reposition near the starting point and do the loop again. If you wipe and need more Heavy ammo, leave the encounter, find a Public Event flag for the Heavy, and then get back into the Shattered Throne. Alternatively, spend time farming the enemies for ammo and Super energy.


The Eleusinia portion of the Shattered Throne is probably the easiest section to solo. There aren’t many areas where you can fall to your death and the enemies are easy enough to deal with. Just work through this section at your own pace.

Dul Incaru solo

Soloing the Dul Incaru fight is the real challenge and even doing it as a two-person is tough. The main goal will be to whittle the knights down at the same time, and then try to kill Dul Incaru in a single rotation. For those that are soloing the encounter, you either need to blast the knights away in a single go, or deal with them so quickly that they aren't a problem.

Dul Incaru Warlock solo

YouTube user hybridmajik shows one way to clear Dul Incaru as a Warlock.

For Warlock’s, the best option is going to be using top-tree Nova Bomb, Dire Skull of Ahamkara, Tractor Cannon, and Whisper of the Worm. You will want to have full Heavy and Super, which can be done by using a Public Event flag or farming the room repeatedly.

Shattered Throne solo guide - Destiny 2 (2023) (7)

From the start, move forward to the knights, causing them to activate. Move to the left and kill the Pisons with a grenade. Slowly move back toward the starting point, corralling the knights into a tighter group. Kill the Psions on the right with weapon shots – it doesn’t matter if you kill them all.

Tractor Cannon the knights and then immediately cast Nova Bomb. They should die in a single hit, if not, clear them with your Kinetic weapon or Special.

Quickly swap to Whisper of the Warm, pick up the three buffs, and cast Empowering Rift. Using Whispered Breathing, land 9 headshots on Dul Incaru to kill her.

Dul Incaru Hunter solo

For Hunters, the ultimate combo as of Season of Opulence is the Liar’s Handshake, a shotgun with One-Two Punch, and top-tree Arcstrider for Combination Blow.

(Video) Destiny 2 Shattered Throne 2023 Dungeon guide

YouTuber Ashraven Blu, shows off how to use Liar's Handshake, One-Two Punch, and Combination Blow to quickly kill the three knights.

(Video) Destiny 2: The SHATTERED THRONE Dungeon Guide! | Forsaken

Start off by firing your shotgun and punching one of the knights, and then another one if you have time. Quickly rotate to the Psions and kill them using your melee attack. This will increase Combination Blow to x3.

Approach a knight, shotgun blast to get the One-Two Punch effect, then follow up with two melee hits. If it doesn’t die, dodge away and then go back in for another salvo. Repeat the process for the next two knights. You should have all of them down within a few seconds of one another, before Dul Incaru can shield them.

If you haven’t already accidentally collected them, collect the buffs and then use Whisper of the Worm with Whispered Breathing to kill Dul Incaru. Alternatively, use the One-Two Punch and two melee hit combo to kill her.

Dul Incaru Titan solo


Completing the Shattered Throne solo is no easy task. There are a lot of moving parts, and each encounter is incredibly challenging. If you do plan on tackling the dungeon solo, or even as part of a two-man team, make sure you’re well-prepared. The correct subclass and weapons is absolutely essential. For more helpful walkthroughs, check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide.

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Is The Shattered Throne dungeon hard? ›

As the oldest dungeon, Shattered Throne is the easiest to complete. The mechanics are simple, there are no cramped spaces with massive enemy density, and there's usually good cover in most encounters.

How long does Shattered Throne take? ›

This dungeon stays for a week and resets every 3 weeks. You can find this dungeon in the Confluence on the Dreaming City.

What weapons are best for Shattered Throne? ›

Sniper rifles are the ultimate choice but might feel like a waste of weapon slot for some, so using a long-range pulse rifle or scout rifle is probably the best, most convenient option. Players feeling a bit adventurous can even go for a linear fusion rifle if they so wish.

What is the hardest dungeon to solo in Destiny 2? ›

Solo Flawless Duality is probably the hardest solo dungeon to date, rivaling, if not beating out Prophecy for the title. Practise, get better gear and get familiar with the mechanics.

Which dungeon is easiest to solo Destiny 2? ›

Destiny 2: 10 Tips For Completing The Shattered Throne Dungeon Solo Flawlessly. The Shattered Throne may be the easiest dungeon in Destiny 2, but here are 10 tips on a flawless solo run in this dungeon.

Which Destiny 2 raid is the hardest? ›

Destiny: Every Final Raid Boss Ranked By Difficulty
  • 8 Aksis, Archon Prime. ...
  • 7 Insurrection Prime, Kell's Scourge. ...
  • 6 Val Ca'uor. ...
  • 5 Oryx, The Taken King. ...
  • 4 Taniks, The Abomination. ...
  • 3 The Sanctified Mind. ...
  • 2 Riven Of A Thousand Voices. ...
  • 1 Rhulk, Disciple Of The Witness.
Jul 25, 2022

What is the easiest raid in Destiny 2? ›

The easiest raid in Destiny 2 is hands down, the Deep Stone Crypt raid. The raid basically features the same mechanic for all encounters, and once you've understood what each augment does, the raid is incredibly straightforward.

Who is the final boss in Shattered Throne solo? ›

Dûl Incaru is the final encounter in the Shattered Throne dungeon. To beat her, you must obtain stacks of "Finite Thoughts" from Abyssal Champions. There are three in the arena, meaning you can obtain up to three stacks simultaneously. You only need one or two stacks to kill Dûl Incaru, however.

Will The Shattered Throne be removed? ›

Bungie clarified not all Forsaken's content will disappear - with the Dreaming City destination, Last Wish raid, Shattered Throne dungeon and associated Strikes remaining in the game - while Year 4's Proving Grounds strike and Battlegrounds will remain.

What do you get for completing Shattered Throne? ›

Summary: The Shattered Throne dungeon takes players into the Ascendant Realm, where you will face several different encounters, including bosses. The rewards for completing each step of the quest are powerful drops and is also a step toward earning the Wish-Ender exotic bow.

What is the strongest Divine weapon? ›

It was the Trident of Lord Shiva. According to Shaiva traditions, the most powerful weapon in Hindu mythology, infallible, cannot be stopped by anyone, except Lord Shiva himself and Goddess Shakti; the consort of Lord Shiva in Parvati form.

What is the most op weapon in Destiny 2? ›

Gjallarhorn – Exotic rocket launcher

Gjallarhorn is one of Destiny's most iconic weapons – and it's also one of its best.

What is the least played class in Destiny? ›

Hunters are generally the most popular, with titans either being the least popular or very close in population compared to warlocks.

What is the most picked class in Destiny 2? ›

Hunters are Destiny 2's most popular class by a large margin, doubling the number of Guardians that play Warlock or Titan. With their majestic capes and well-designed subclasses, it's easy to see why. Hunters can offer a bit of everything, ranging from powerful Supers to team buffs.

What is the best solo class in Destiny 2? ›

The best class for solo players in Destiny 2 is the Hunter because of its suite of skills that can help players escape engagements and regenerate health. Its Dodge class ability is especially useful in evading enemy attacks and when paired with the right subclass, it can even grant you temporary invisibility.

Can Destiny 2 be completed solo? ›

Two years ago, players went so far as scripting programs that disabled matchmaking across all of Destiny 2, called Powershell Scripts. These programs communicated with your PC's firewall to prevent matchmaking from occurring, allowing players to solo run whatever they wanted.

What LVL can you solo dungeons? ›

General Recommended Solo Level/Item level for all dungeons: level 45+ with item level 45.

Which set dungeon is easiest to master? ›

One of the easiest, if not even the easiest of them all, is Immortal King. Just keep CotA and WotB up 100% time (which is easy to do by simply spamming some fury spender) and plow everything in your path. For crusader the easiest is Invoker. Just don't be too powerful.

What is the strongest entity in Destiny 2? ›

1 Saint-14
  • Appears In: Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris, Shadowkeep & Beyond Light.
  • Rank: Former Titan Vanguard.
Jul 25, 2022

Can you beat a Tier 1 raid alone? ›

Level 1 Raids are very easy and can be solo'd by any trainer as long as they know their type matchups.

What is the longest world's first Destiny? ›

It took 18 hours and 48 minutes, to be exact. That's the longest it's taken for a Destiny raid "world first" - even longer than vanilla Vault of Glass took.

What is the hardest raid to beat? ›

EX Raids. EX Raids are the most difficult type of Raid Battle in Pokémon GO – so tough, in fact, that they're invite only.

Are any Destiny 2 raids soloable? ›

Destiny 2 players have been soloing raid bosses and encounters normally meant for six people ever since the release of the Vault of Glass raid way back in Destiny 1. That includes Atheon, the final boss of the Vault.

Who is the final Lord of Cinder? ›

Gwyn, Lord of Cinder is the final boss of Dark Souls, coming after you explore Kiln of the First Flame. If you're looking for more help, our Dark Souls walkthrough and guide can help with all other areas of the game, including the dreaded Taurus Demon, Capra Demon, Ornstein and Smough bosses.

Can you solo the duality dungeon? ›

For Hunters who aim to solo the Duality Dungeon, perhaps a Solar 3.0-focused build may be able to do the job for them. The key here is to knock out enemies fast enough that Hunters don't have to risk their survivability. There are ideal Fragments and Aspects within Solar 3.0 that can do all of these for Hunters.

Is Gwyn an easy boss? ›

Gwyn is a difficult boss to solo kill, as a melee build. His attacks are just a little too quick to allow for healing.

Why did Destiny 2 remove the campaign? ›

Over the past few years, Bungie has removed a number of paid DLCs — making them no longer playable to anyone — because the game grew to a point where it was difficult to implement new content. The Red War campaign, Warmind, Curse of Osiris, and Forsaken were all placed into the Destiny Content Vault as a result.

What Destiny 2 dlc is leaving? ›

All bounties, missions, and quests from Season of the Risen--which launched with The Witch Queen expansion--up through the current Season of the Seraph will leave the game, except for PsiOps and Heist Battlegrounds activities. All Battlegrounds activities will be in the Vanguard Ops playlist in the upcoming season.

What dlc is Destiny 2 removing? ›

Curse of Osiris was the first Destiny 2 DLC to be released but sadly isn't remembered fondly. It's also since been vaulted and can't be accessed anymore. Along with the typical additions such as new crucible maps and strikes, this expansion finally introduced players to the legendary Warlock, Osiris.

What do you get for beating Witch Queen Legendary? ›

As a reward for completing the whole campaign on Legendary, you will receive: A full set of 1520 Power level gear. Eight Upgrade Modules. The Triumph required to complete the Throne World's seal.

Will shattered throne be vaulted? ›

Bungie will vault Destiny 2's Tangled Shore and the Forsaken campaign when Witch Queen is released on Feb. 22, 2022, according to a recent blog post. The Dreaming City will escape the ax, at least for the time being, keeping both the Last Wish raid and the Shattered Throne dungeon in the game.

Do you need Forsaken for shattered throne? ›

The Destiny 2: Forsaken Pack includes access to over 20 Forsaken Exotic weapons, The Shattered Throne dungeon, and Last Wish raid. The Destiny 2: Forsaken campaign is free for all players until February 22, 2022, and can be started by visiting the Tangled Shore.

Does Mara SOV have a ahamkara egg? ›

In Mara's chamber, if you look through the gate at the balcony on the right, you can see what looks to be an ahamkara egg.

Do you have to complete shattered throne to get Wish-Ender? ›

The first thing you need to do is complete the Forsaken campaign, once you have done that you should have access to the Wish-Ender quest, but if not, you may also need to complete the Shattered Throne dungeon to then have access to the quest.

What do you get for getting all corrupted eggs? ›

After finding and destroying all the Corrupted Eggs, the Corrupted Omelette triumph will unlock and players will be well on their way to completing the Triumph book.

What is the God killing weapon? ›

The God-Killers are five weapons said to have been forged to fight the Faceless Ones. They are a sword, a dagger, a spear, a bow, and the Sceptre of the Ancients. The sword is wielded by Mevolent in the alternate universe in Kingdom of the Wicked.

Which is the hardest weapon to master? ›

A scythe. It was so hard to use and difficult to master that the only mention we have of it even being considered as a weapon is from a single fencing tratise.

Which holy sword is the strongest? ›

Caliburn. Caliburn, also known as Collbrande, is the other Holy Sword wielded by King Arthur. The Sword in the Stone known as the Holy King Sword (聖王剣 Seiōken). It is the most powerful Holy Sword to be created, possessing the ability to generate vast holy aura that surpasses even that of Excalibur and Durandal.

What is the rarest gun in Destiny 2? ›

Whistler's Whim (12.81%) — Rarest Destiny 2 Weapons

The current rarest weapon in Destiny 2 is Whistler's Whim, a Trials bow added in Season of Plunder.

What is the most op exotic in Destiny 2? ›

Arbalest is by far one of the most versatile weapons a Guardian can bring in a PvE situation. The special Linear Fusion Rifle is able to deal bonus damage to shields, regardless of the type. Alongside this it brings a natural anti-barrier perk, being able to break champion barrier shields in one or two hits.

What is the meta gun in Destiny 2? ›

The Meta refers to the most used weapons for a particular activity at any given time. Generally, these weapons are the most used because they are the most powerful/efficient, which means they can be used to your advantage when used right.

What is the fastest crafted weapon leveling Destiny 2? ›

For most players, the fastest weapon XP farm is the Shuro Chi encounter in the Last Wish raid. Despite being tied to a raid, solo players can access this encounter through the raid's "wishing wall" room. Enter the encounter, place a Rally Flag if you're leveling a Special or Heavy, and farm as many kills as possible.

How do you get golden weapons fast? ›

Once Competitive has been unlocked, players should start participating in Competitive matches in order to earn Competitive Points. Specifically, fans that are interested in unlocking a Golden Weapon must accumulate 3,000 Competitive Points, and they will receive 15 for every win and five for every draw.

How do you get the solo shattered throne emblem? ›

Complete the Dreaming City Triumph, "Solo-Nely," where you completed The Shattered Throne solo. This emblem will drop when you redeem the Triumph.

Can you solo shattered throne Reddit? ›

I've ran it solo flawless on warlock, titan, and hunter, so I'll be putting in notes for each class. In my opinion, Shattered Throne is the second easiest Solo Flawless, right behind Pit of Heresy. I prefer it to Pit of Heresy because I like the solo flawless emblem more.

Can you solo the witch queen campaign? ›

You Should Play Destiny 2: The Witch Queen's Campaign On Legendary And Alone. The Witch Queen offers Destiny's best campaign, and if you're down for the challenge, it's worth it to push yourself with the Legendary difficulty mode.

How do you get the Cayde emblem? ›

Emblem code is included in the box when purchasing the "Cayde's Last Stand" figure, sold by GameStop. Statue is no longer being produced. If you buy one second hand, please be careful where you buy one; you'll sometimes see people use the emblem then sell the figure separately without the emblem.

What do you get for solo flawless duality? ›

Solo Flawless — The boost will be completed solo and without dying - you will get triumph and a rare emblem. Only for Piloted method; Flawless — All encounters in the dungeon will be completed without dying.

How do I get Seraph's wings emblem? ›

From here, you just have to walk due south toward Zavala. On the way towards him, you'll see some damaged concrete. Approach this and watch for the prompt to pop up to “Inspect Crash Site.” Hold the inspect button, and you'll get the emblem!

Can you solo King's rest? ›

King's Rest is notoriously difficult to solo without good gear, even this late into Shadowlands, because of its second boss having a tight DPS race attached to it.

Can you get Cursebreaker solo? ›

To obtain the Cursebreaker title, players will need to complete this dungeon. It doesn't have to be completed flawlessly or solo.

Will Shattered Throne be vaulted? ›

Bungie will vault Destiny 2's Tangled Shore and the Forsaken campaign when Witch Queen is released on Feb. 22, 2022, according to a recent blog post. The Dreaming City will escape the ax, at least for the time being, keeping both the Last Wish raid and the Shattered Throne dungeon in the game.

Do you get anything for beating Witch Queen legendary solo? ›

As a reward for completing the whole campaign on Legendary, you will receive: A full set of 1520 Power level gear.

Why is Witch Queen campaign so hard? ›

However, completing The Witch Queen's campaign on Legendary is not going to be easy, especially because of how the Power Level requirements for each mission become increasingly higher, starting at 1360.

What weapon is good against Savathun? ›

Linear Fusion Rifles and Supers are the best methods for damaging her. Even if you run out of ammo, it's best to damage her with your Primary from a distance than close the gap to use your Special; getting near Savathun is not worth it.

Is it easier to solo abyssal dungeons? ›

Unlike Chao Dungeons and normal dungeons, Abyss Dungeons aren't solo-able and require an entire team. Everyone also needs to meet the item level requirements. More importantly, each player needs to know their role and class properly. Abyss Dungeons has more of an emphasis on boss mechanics.


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