Fire Emblem: Three Houses General Hacking (2023)

Thanks to those that are currently working on finding/creating cheats and the editor.
@Falo @SkittleDash @BlackwingAngelx @Raitera11 @Ningyoplug and whoever else has contributed to this.

The paths for where to put the files for the cheats are:
sxos -> sxos/titles/gameid/cheats/build.txt
atmosphere -> atmospshere/contents/gameid/cheats/build.txt

FETH RANDOMIZER: created by @BlueWyvern4
OUTLINE REMOVAL MOD: created by @MegaMagikarp

Save Editor Beta V4 fixed for 1.2.0:

The "Test" tab is left in for @Falo to keep testing out what each value in the Database files of the game does, it might be useful for some people, so it was left visible.
As @Falo is going on a long earned vacation this is the final update for now, so don't expect any update / hotfix / support in the next 2 weeks.

Changelog 1:
- Route changed to a value editor, this should prevent the time skip loading failure
- Item Count bug fixed, so all items should appear now after editing
- Misc / Gift Items added to Storage tab
- Activity Point / Goddess Statue now editable
- Character Flags changed from 1 byte to 4 byte, there are even more flags then i thought...
- Character Job Flags now editable, this may break your game until i know more
- Character Perks now editable
- Character Job Exp now editable, this isn't finished and some are wrong
- Charater now export/importable into files, this may prove useful for sharing completed characters or just testing (don't import 2 times the same character or both Byleth's....)
- Added the ability to load Memory dumps as save files (this helps me, because i don't need to restart the game to dump a save)
- Player structure updated with new values found by ida pro, it's now split in 2 parts, Player and Activities.

Changelog 2:
- Quests are now editable, this may or may not result in a crash, if a quest is enabled early
- Support Conversations are now editable
- All language files moved from external files into compressed ressources, this means a single exe file without any data folder
- some impossible values are now "silently" fixed when loading a save, like class exp
- Misc Items/Gift Items/Quests/Support Conversations editor allows multi edit, hold shift when selecting.
- some game database files are now loaded, this allows more accurate limited values/calculations

Changelog 3:
- updated Player & Activities structs to include the missing data from the 1.1.0 update (it should fix the missing NG+ data after saving)
- updated to the v1.2.0 "patch4" database files, so Balthus, Yuri, Hapi, and Constance should now properly show up.
- added GiftItems2 to the Player struct, this allows editing of slot 225 - 244 //new in 1.1.0, untested
- added support for converting old save data to new, but it's not finished yet, system save should work
- added support for loading system saves (no editing yet)
- some small fixes here and there

- Character Tab:

  • - Adjutant editable (might be useless...)
  • - Class Level editable (0 = not mastered, 1 = mastered)
  • - Abilities - All button added
  • - Combat Arts Editor added
  • - Skill exp limited to the current Rank and Rank no longer editable
  • - Stats are limited to the maximum values from the Character Database
  • - Job / Battalion / Items are shown, but not editable for now, editing these would mess to much up without a lot of error checking
  • - Import of battle memory dumps are possible (via character import), they only work in menu/exam and crash in battle, so no official support for now.

Cheat File Guide:

SXOS: Download the attached file and extract it. Open your SD card and navigate to sxos and then titles. Place the extracted folder here. Eject your SD card and insert it back in your Switch and boot your CFW. Launch Three Houses. Once you're in-game, press the home button and select the album. Navigate to the cheats section and your codes should be there waiting for you.

Atmosphere: Download the attached file and extract it. Open your SD card and navigate to Atmosphere and then contents. Place the extracted folder here. Next, you'll need to download a homebrew app called Edizon which can be found HERE. (Note: If you cannot see any codes, remove some codes from the txt file that you won't be using. It won't see any codes if the txt file is over 32kb) Extract the file "EdiZon.nro" to the switch folder on your SD card. Eject your SD card and insert it back into your Switch and boot into your CFW. Launch Three Houses. Once you're in-game, press the home button and select album. (Depending on how you have it configured, you may need to hold R while opening the album to get into homebrew) Select EdiZon and click the blue C. Your cheats should be there ready to use.

Step 1.Have either SXOS/Atmosphere installed to allow for homebrew
Step 2.Have a app like Checkpoint that allows for backup/restore of saves
Step 3.Open up FETH in Checkpoint and make two backups via pressing L and naming them,one as a true backup and the other for editing,basically keep the first incase your game breaks from editing
Step 4.Open up your SD files and locate your two backup folders and open up the editor
Step 4.1 Open up your SD card on your computer either via FTP server or via a SD card reader
Step 5.Open the editor program you downloaded from the forum and locate the folder bin and click FETH_SaveEditor, in the top left click file and press load save
Step 6.Locate the second backup folder you made for editing and open up the slot00... that you intend to edit,DO NOT USE auto
Step 7. Once pressed remember which slot you used to open
-MAIN SCREEN, this is where you edit certain stuff,i suggest not touching Statistics and Game Values just to be safe

-ITEM LIST, I suggest using the add essential items button and if you want press the 100(infinite) button along with the set durability to button above to make things last forever,the Misc Items can be set to whatever amount up to 99(I haven't experience any issues,WITH GIFT ITEMS DO NOT SET TO 99,YOU CAN NOT GO ABOVE 99 on gift items IT WILL CRASH YOUR GAME SOOOO set them all to something safe like 10-30 or something

-ROSTER,this is where you see all your units,WHENEVER YOU EDIT ANYTHING make sure to press that SAVE CHANGES button next to export and Import,So whenever you edit in status/skills/flags/class/class(flags)abilities and the combat arts tab you need to manually press Save Changes each time and tab for it to save
-BARRACKS, this is where you obviously edit your barracks,I suggest not touching this unless you know how to use it

-QUESTS,this is where you see all quests/side quests,I suggest being SUPER CAREFUL here as it allows you to select what quest is available/unavailable/active/finished, touch this tab with care

-SUPPORT CONVERSATIONS,this is where you edit the xp you have with a unit-> unit so lets say Byleth/Edelgard, you can edit them to be a certain number to unlock a conversation or go past it and have the conversation already be done so if you want to have the conversation from C->B as you can see if you have 300 that's the cap for C but if you have 301 you make them B so set it to like 290-300 to have the conversation,UNLESS you want to skip the conversation just put 301 etc and that goes from B->A->S,I HIGHLY SUGGEST NOT GOING ABOVE 900 as to allow your character to marry as A->S is the highest you can have between characters

-TEST,This is just character data that Falo left in for those to have a look i think.

Step 9.Click that file button in the top left and press write save,NOW this is where you overwrite the slot00/... that you used initially to open in the editor
Step 10.Once saved put the sd card back into your switch or leave it in if you are using FTP and open up your checkpoint app again,NOW go to the game,the second folder and press R to restore the game to your switch.
Step 11. IF all worked well open up the game and check if all your items/support points/stats/weapons etc went through.

If not backup your first folder to be safe and repeat steps 3 onward.



To make this easier the cheat folder will be updated with current cheats and such as time goes on and is below Fire Emblem: Three Houses General Hacking (1)
Also the cheat editor will be posted here as well.

All is posted below in folders,I will try my best to keep it up to date,I am busy so the help of someone that is up to date will all cheats and has a folder that is up to date and can post it whenever they can will be most appreciated Fire Emblem: Three Houses General Hacking (2)

-Cheat File Update 1: 30/07/19
-Removed individual Class EXP cheats and replaced with a single cheat.
-Skill XP Modifier and Leveling XP modifier codes added

-Cheat File Update 2: 31/07/19
-Two separate folders for two separate cheat files:

  • The All Cheats folder has all current cheats in this forum inside the cheat file,delete what you want inside or keep it the same.
  • The Condensed Cheats folder has less cheats,removing those that aren't really needed due to them causing crashes,bugging out characters and enemies,ALSO the editor does some of the codes already.

-Cheat File Update 3:1/07/19
-+1/+2 Stat code update

-Cheat File Update 4:2/08/19
-Infinite Material/Gift Use On/Off code added

-Cheat File Update 5:5/8/19
-Unlock all-Extras menu code,created by @pandavova

-Cheat File Update 6:27/9/19
-V1.0.2 cheats

-Cheat File Update 7:10/12/19
-V1.1.0 cheats


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