15 Strongest Spartans In Halo Ranked (Including Master Chief) (2023)

One of the things that we have known about the Halo franchise is that humanity relies on a group of super-soldiers that were specifically experimented on and trained by the military to become specialists. These super soldiers are called Spartans, who belong to different generations marked by the Roman numerals beside their “Spartan” designation. Now, we know that Master Chief is the most prominent Spartan in Halo, but there are also others who are quite strong as well. In that regard, let us now look at the strongest Spartans in Halo.

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15. Tom-B292 and Lucy-B091

14. Kat-B320

13. Will-043

12. Edward Malcolm Buck

11. Spartan-1337

10. Jerome-092

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9. Kelly-087

7. Jameson Locke

6. Jorge-052

5. Frederic-104

4. Linda-058

3. Spartan-B312

2. Samuel-034

1. John-117 aka Master Chief

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15. Tom-B292 and Lucy-B091

15 Strongest Spartans In Halo Ranked (Including Master Chief) (1)

Tom-B292 and Lucy-B091 are always seen as a pair because they fight better whenever they are together. When they are together, they form arguably the most unstoppable duos in the entire Halo continuity, as no other pair of Spartans can get the job done as effectively as they can. And this is due to the fact that they have been fighting together for a very long time.

Both Tom and Lucy are members of Blue Team, and that means that they have used their skills to train Spartan-IVs, even though they may not be as strong as Spartan-II’s. Then again, they are both considered amazing survivors as they have been through situations that could have easily killed other Spartans. And it was actually through a mission that Lucy-B091 lost her ability to speak.

14. Kat-B320

15 Strongest Spartans In Halo Ranked (Including Master Chief) (2)

Kat-B320 made her debut in Halo: Reach, and that means that you probably know what happened to her in that game, as only one member of Noble Team made it out of Reach alive. Still, despite dying in Reach, she is one of the strongest Spartans out there and is quite capable when it comes to handling herself due to her abilities as a specialist. There is a reason why Kat-B320 is the team’s second-in-command, as she has amazing leadership skills that complement her expertise in technical aspects.

Throughout the entire history of Halo, Kat is also the first Spartan to be depicted on-screen in a main Halo game, and that means that she is a trailblazer for a franchise that is dominated by male characters. On top of that, she also has a cool armor that allows her to stand out from the rest of Noble Team, as her equipment complements her specialty in the more technical aspects of being a soldier. She also stood out as one of the most interesting characters in Halo: Reach.

13. Will-043

15 Strongest Spartans In Halo Ranked (Including Master Chief) (3)

Will-043 was often seen fighting alongside his teammates. However, even though Will-043 is better off when he is fighting together with his partners, he still was quite the amazing Spartan even as an individual because he has a lot of skills and traits that allow him to stand out. However, despite his amazing individual skills, he still perished on a mission in Onyx so that his teammates could escape.

Possessing raw strength and superb hand-to-hand combat skills, Will-043 was able to defeat a Hunter singlehandedly, a feat only accomplished by Master Chief. This means that he is actually quite strong. However, he is also proficient when handling weapons, as his favorite weapon of choice is a rocket launcher, which he can shoot from an incredible range.

12. Edward Malcolm Buck

15 Strongest Spartans In Halo Ranked (Including Master Chief) (4)

Buck, like Jameson Locke, is one of the characters who grew up with a normal life and ended up becoming a soldier for the UNSC. He also went on to fight as an ODST before he eventually enlisted in the Spartan-IV program as an adult. As such, he probably doesn’t have the freakish physical traits that the earlier Spartans have, but his experience as a soldier on the field allows him to stand tall with the best of them.

In terms of pure strength, Buck is nowhere near the level of a Spartan-II. However, he excels in terms of skills, leadership, smarts, and accomplishments. He is a lot like Jameson Locke in a lot of different aspects because he has the combat experience and the abilities that allow him to bridge the gap between a Spartan-IV and a Spartan-II.

11. Spartan-1337

15 Strongest Spartans In Halo Ranked (Including Master Chief) (5)

Spartan-1337 isn’t really one of the most well-known characters here because he was never shown in the games. Instead, this character was from a short animated film set in the same Halo universe as the games. This happened when Bungie separated from Microsoft, and 343 Industries began producing different animated shows that are quite similar to Star Wars Visions in the sense that they took on a Japanese anime approach. Spartan-1337 was featured in an odd episode where he found himself on a planet inhabited by dinosaurs and superpowered children.

One of the episodes featured Spartan-1337, who is actually the clumsiestSpartan-II of all time and also has the worst luck imaginable. Think of him as the opposite to Master Chief, as he found himself in the worst situation imaginable when he ended up facing dinosaurs and children that possess superpowers beyond the normal limits of a Spartan soldier. However, despite his bad luck, Spartan-1337 never gave up and showed his mettle in a funny and entertaining spoof episode.

10. Jerome-092

15 Strongest Spartans In Halo Ranked (Including Master Chief) (6)

Jerome-092 is another Spartan-II that you can consider to be a lite version of Master Chief because he has all of the necessary characteristics to be just as good as John-117. This was why he was one of the Spartan-II’s selected for leadership, as he is strong, capable, and smart. He was also one of the most prominent characters during the Battle of Arcadia.

However, Jerome spent a lot of time in cryosleep, and that may have affected his overall status. Still, he should be one of the strongest Spartan-II’s in the entire Halo lore, but he still lacks some of the other qualities that make the other Spartans on this list better than him. But that doesn’t take away the fact that he has the same skills that Master Chief has.

9. Kelly-087

15 Strongest Spartans In Halo Ranked (Including Master Chief) (7)

Blue Team is the most prominent squad in the entire Halo continuity, thanks to Master Chief. However, there are a lot of other prominent names in Blue Team as well, and that includes Kelly-087, who might be up there at the top when it comes to Blue Team members that aren’t Master Chief. She is also one of the characters who survived the events of Halo 5: Guardians.

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Kelly-087 is like Master Chief because she is extremely lucky. However, she is also a skilled combatant in every aspect, as she knows how to fight on the frontlines and defend her teammates. She is known to be the fastest out of all of the Spartans and has very quick reflexes that allow her to surpass any other Spartan in terms of speed, quickness, and agility, even when she isn’t wearing her armor. Those qualities make her a survivor.

8. Kurt-051

15 Strongest Spartans In Halo Ranked (Including Master Chief) (8)

There are plenty of different specialists among the Spartan-II’s, and Kurt-051 was one of them. He earned the rank of Lieutenant Commander for a very good reason because of the fact that he is one of the smartest and best leaders among all of the Spartans. We can even say that he is the best tactician as Kurt-051 stands right up there at the top with Master Chief in terms of strategic brilliance and leadership.

Kurt-051 was also one of the few Spartans that were able to completely outsmart Master Chief, as he may not be as strong as John-117, but he certainly was just as smart or even smarter. He also had a sixth sense when it came to traps and ambushes because he could sense them to a degree that’s beyond logic. However, Kurt saw his end during the Onyx conflict. Still, he had a lasting impact when he fought alongside the Spartan-III’s and even trained them.

7. Jameson Locke

15 Strongest Spartans In Halo Ranked (Including Master Chief) (9)

Jameson Locke is the first Spartan-IV on this list, as he is arguably the strongest Spartan-IV of all time. The thing about Spartan-IV’s is that they aren’t the strongest Spartans because they enlisted in the Spartan program as adults and didn’t have the same kind of training and augmentation that the earlier Spartans underwent. However, Locke’s experience and leadership allow him to stand up to the other Spartans that have better physical traits.

Halo 5: Guardians features Locke as the second playable character, as he and Fireteam Osiris were tasked to follow Master Chief and Blue Team and bring them in forcefully. Considering that Master Chief and Blue Team are legendary Spartans, the UNSC must have trusted Jameson Locke’s skills really well to think that he had the ability to defeat Blue Team. He eventually allied with Master Chief at the end of the game when Cortana’s guardians became the bigger threats.

6. Jorge-052

15 Strongest Spartans In Halo Ranked (Including Master Chief) (10)

Jorge-052 fought alongside Noble Six on the Noble Team and was the only Spartan-II on that squad. Given the fact that he is quite strong and was arguably physically stronger than most of the other members of the Noble Team in Halo: Reach, he specialized in heavy weaponry. Despite his large and imposing frame, he was one of the nicest persons on Noble Team and was often tasked with communicating with other people outside of his team.

However, it is no secret that Jorge-052 died in the events of Halo: Reach because the game was supposed to be a suicide mission for the characters. He had the most noble sacrifice in the game when he used a slipspace bomb to detonate a Covenant supercarrier that he thought was going to end the invasion. It was this act that solidified him as a completely lovable character that is just as strong as he is nice.

5. Frederic-104

15 Strongest Spartans In Halo Ranked (Including Master Chief) (11)

Frederic-104 is probably someone you would call a Spartan-II that can be just as strong as Master Chief. That’s because, like John-117, he doesn’t excel in one aspect but is great as an all-around threat thanks to his strength, speed, reflexes, and marksmanship. However, probably the only thing Frederic-104 lacks is Master Chief’s strategic mind and leadership, and that is why he isn’t considered the strongest Spartan.

The thing about Frederic-104 is that he may not have Master Chief’s luck, determination, and leadership, but he is probably second in a lot of different aspects in the entire Halo universe. He led other Spartans in a battle against Covenant forces with only a knife in his hands. And John-117 even admitted that Frederic-104 is the most skilled Spartan out there and could have taken over his status if it weren’t for the main hero’s amazing luck.

4. Linda-058

15 Strongest Spartans In Halo Ranked (Including Master Chief) (12)

Linda-058 is another one of the Spartan-II’s that tend to be quite strong to the point that she can be a one-man army all on her own. She may be described as a lone wolf, but she does a good job at working together with the rest of Blue Team under the leadership of Master Chief himself. Linda-058 still plays a major role for Blue Team to this day.

What makes Linda-058 quite strong is the fact that no other Spartan is deadlier than her when she has a sniper rifle in her hands. She is a superb shot from faraway distances, as her vision and accuracy have never been equaled by any other Spartan in the entire Halo series. This is why she is often used as a one-man army, as she can take out numerous hostiles from a good distance without the need to dirty herself on the frontlines.

3. Spartan-B312

15 Strongest Spartans In Halo Ranked (Including Master Chief) (13)

Spartan-B312, who was also called Noble Six, was the strongest and deadliest Spartan-III in the entire Halo universe, even though Spartan-III’s are generally weaker than Spartan-II’s. However, Noble Six displayed a lot of different traits and characteristics that allowed him to become just as lethal as any other Spartan out there, and he was the only Spartan-III that is classified as hyper-lethal. That means that he was a force to be reckoned with all on his own.

Noble Six is the playable character of Halo: Reach and was strong enough to handle a lot of different Covenants on his own. He single-handedly killed hundreds of Covenants but ended up dying in the final moments of the game when Reach inevitably fell to the Covenant. That said, he did show a lot of amazing feats in the only game he appeared in, as Noble Six could have possibly given Master Chief a run for his money had he been a Spartan-II.

2. Samuel-034

15 Strongest Spartans In Halo Ranked (Including Master Chief) (14)

Samuel-034 isn’t really the most prominent Halo character because there aren’t a lot of people who are familiar with him. However, he is actually one of the first Spartan-II soldiers ever created but was also the first one to die in the war against the Covenant at the tender age of 14. Despite dying young, he actually surprised a lot of people who follow the Halo lore.

What makes Samuel-034 arguably one of the strongest Spartans of all time was his amazing physical abilities and gifts. He was over seven feet tall and was not only bigger but also stronger than Master Chief.

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On top of that, he possessed augmented hearing abilities that no other Spartan has ever been able to come close to since the start of the Halo franchise. Samuel-034 was pure potential, and he could have been the greatest Spartan of all time had he survived through his teen years.

1. John-117 aka Master Chief

15 Strongest Spartans In Halo Ranked (Including Master Chief) (15)

Of course, the game’s poster boy is the top Spartan on this list because John-117, popularly called Master Chief, is humanity’s best bet against any alien invader out there. There is a good reason why he is often called the strongest Spartan of all time, as not a lot of Spartans could really stand up to his balanced build as a soldier.

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Master Chief may not be the fastest or even the best when it comes to pure strength, but he is arguably the best leader in Halo. He is also a superb strategist capable of coming up with different plans that can get his team in the position to come out as victors. On top of that, he doesn’t have a lot of weaknesses and is the most dangerous out of all of the Spartans because of his sheer determination to win and survive at all costs.

As such, his balanced skill sets, amazing leadership capabilities, and unparalleled determination are what make Master Chief not only the most iconic Halo character but also the strongest out of all of the Spartans that humanity has on its side.

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Which Spartans are stronger than Master Chief? ›

Kurt-051 is one of the few Spartans that has been able to outsmart Master Chief. Arguably the best tactician out of all the Spartan-IIs, Kurt had an inhuman ability to sense traps and ambushes that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Is Master Chief the highest ranking Spartan? ›

Master Chief is the superior Spartan overall. His exploits, attitude, and skill are known and respected by many. While Noble Six is like Master Chief in many regards, he lacks the legendary status and experience. He had the potential to become something much more, yet he met an untimely end.

Who is the weakest Spartan? ›

Yûko was kidnapped and replaced by a flash clone at the age of 6 for the SPARTAN-II project. Though physically the weakest of any of the SPARTANS she was still physically stronger than a normal human.

Who was Spartan 001? ›

Peter Walters (Spartan -001)

Who is the greatest Spartan? ›

Leonidas, the king of Sparta

Leonidas (540-480 BC), the legendary king of Sparta, and the Battle of Thermopylae is one of the most brilliant events of the ancient Greek history, a great act of courage and self-sacrifice.

Who was the fastest Spartan? ›

"Kelly's the fastest Spartan." Petty Officer, First Class Kelly-087, born Kelly Shaddock, is a SPARTAN-II supersoldier of the UNSC Naval Special Warfare Command. She is renowned for her incredible speed, even without her MJOLNIR armor.

Who is the tallest Spartan 2? ›

Samuel's biography on Halo Waypoint originally listed his armored height as 238.8 cm (7 ft 10 in) and his unarmored mass as 155.6 kg (343 lb, though erroneously converted to 324 lb). This was consistent with his description as the largest of the Spartan-IIs and as being a head taller than John-117.

Why is Spartan 117 so special? ›

Only 33 Spartan trainee's emerged unscathed, John-117 was one of them. The augmentation process improved his already impressive reflexes, gave him superhuman strength, enhanced his eyesight, and made his bones nearly unbreakable.

What is Master Chief's full rank? ›

In the Halo video game franchise, the protagonist, Master Chief Petty Officer John-117, commonly referred to as "Master Chief" or simply "Chief", derives his nicknames from his rank of master chief petty officer.

What rank would Master Chief be? ›

Master Chief Petty Officer is the 9th rank in the United States Navy , ranking above Senior Chief Petty Officer and directly below Command Master Chief Petty Officer. A master chief petty officer is a Senior Noncommissioned Officer at DoD paygrade E-9, with a starting monthly pay of $5,789.

How heavy is Master Chief in his armor? ›

The Master Chief stands about 7 feet (2.13 m) tall and weighs 1,000 pounds (450 kg) in armor; without it, he stands 6 feet, 10 inches (2.08 m) tall and weighs 287 pounds (130 kg).

Who is better than Master Chief? ›

Samuel-034: Was taller than Chief, and was shown to be stronger than Chief was, making him literally the strongest Spartan-II during his time. Kelly-087: Faster than Chief, pretty much faster and the fastest out of all Spartans.

Do Spartans age slower? ›

Neural degeneration was also considerably slowed, estimated to be nearly three times slower than that of an unaugmented human in peak health. While the ONI initially projected optimal Spartan lifespan to be 150 Earth years, it would later be extended to 200.

How many Spartan is are left? ›

Sixteen Spartan-IIs are known to have survived the Covenant War: John-117, Frederic-104, Kelly-087, Linda-058, Naomi-010, Jai-006, Adriana-111, Michael-120, Leon-011, Robert-025, August-099, Randall-037, Otto-031, Victor-101, Margaret-053, and Roma-143; the last five have since been killed.

Who was the best Spartan soldier? ›

Leonidas was Sparta's legendary warrior king, who with his three hundred brave warriors defended the narrow pass at Thermopylae against the mighty Persian king Xerxes.

Why are Spartan 2s so big? ›

Halo's Spartans owe their abnormal sizes to physical augmentations designed to better equip humanity for inter-species warfare. The use of augmentations to create super soldiers began with the ORION Project, which attempted to enhance the abilities of adult UNSC soldiers, but was largely unsuccessful.

Who was Spartan 069? ›

Solomon-069 was a genetically, intellectually, and physically gifted child chosen for the SPARTAN-II project. He was known to be aggressive and headstrong amongst his peers. He was abducted by the Office of Naval Intelligence and replaced with a flash clone when he was around six years old.

Who is the bravest Spartan? ›

Leonidas, (died 480 bc, Thermopylae, Locris [Greece]), Spartan king whose stand against the invading Persian army at the pass of Thermopylae in central Greece is one of the enduring tales of Greek heroism, invoked throughout Western history as the epitome of bravery exhibited against overwhelming odds.

Who was the last king of Sparta? ›

Nabis, (died 192 bc), last ruler (207–192) of an independent Sparta.

Who finally beat the Spartans? ›

A Persian army led by Xerxes I defeated Greek forces led by the Spartan king Leonidas in the Battle of Thermopylae.

How fast is Master Chief? ›

17/20 He Can Run Up To 60 Miles Per Hour

Early Halo games don't give the option to have Master Chief sprint, but regardless of how he runs in the game, lore tells us that Master Chief can run very quickly, faster than the game's mechanics make it appear. In Mjolnir armor, Master Chief can run up to 60 miles per hour.

Who is the best Spartan sniper? ›

Petty Officer, First Class Linda-058, phonetic callsign "Sierra 058", born Linda Pravdin, is a SPARTAN-II supersoldier. She is one of the relative few known surviving Spartan-IIs, and is best known for her skill with the sniper rifle. Linda often served as the primary sniper and scout of Blue Team.

Which Spartan Race is the hardest? ›

The Spartan Death Race

One of the toughest races in the world for a reason.

How tall is Noble 6? ›

6 ft 9.0 in

Are there any Spartan 3's left? ›

After disappearing some time after the end of the war, Gamma Company resurfaced a couple decades later, having been kept in cryo for that time period. As of 2573, 312 SPARTAN-IIIs from Gamma Company are active.

How many Spartans 2s are left? ›

Halo Wars' timeline mentions that a total of 25 out of 28 surviving SPARTAN-IIs were present at Reach. The three absent SPARTAN-IIs are the members of Gray Team. This timeline also confirms that five SPARTAN-IIs were no longer in active duty since the augmentation of the SPARTAN-IIs.

Is Noble 6 Master Chief's Son? ›

Noble Six is Master Chief's son and has a brother called The Rookie.

What is Master Chief's biggest feat? ›

The list of his feats in the Halo novels is nothing short of ridiculous. John 117 reached the physique of an Olympic athlete at the age of 14, could run at 35 miles per hour, lift three times his own body weight, and even see in the dark without the use of his armour.

What is Master Chief's full name? ›

Master Chief Spartan John-117 has no last name.

Does Master Chief have a weakness? ›

Weakness: Age. Age is a weakness that nearly everybody tries to hide. People dye their hair, use make-up, or even undergo surgery to try to reverse the effects of aging. Master Chief hides his age quite well.

Is John-117 the last Spartan? ›

There are few characters as famous in gaming as Spartan John-117, more commonly known as Master Chief, the so-called “Last Spartan” who saved humanity in its darkest hours.

What rank is Master Chief 117? ›

Master Chief Petty Officer, abbreviated to MCPO, also nicknamed as "Top Chief" out of respect for John-117, is the highest enlisted rank in the United Nations Space Command Naval Command (NAVCOM) rank structure; including the UNSC Navy and Office of Naval Intelligence. It is preceded by Senior Chief Petty Officer.

Is Master Chief a hero or villain? ›

Master Chief Petty Officer John-117, also known as simply the Master Chief or Sierra-117, is the protagonist of the Halo franchise. He is a Spartan-II commando of the UNSC Naval Special Warfare Command who became one of the most important UNSC heroes during the Human-Covenant war.

Why is Spartan 117 called Master Chief? ›

Why is that his title/nickname? John holds the high rank of Master Chief Petty Officer, in fact the highest enlisted rank of the UNSC navy.

Is Master Chief a bottom? ›

Doomguy is a bottom but master chief is a top.

How does Master Chief pee? ›

Halo developers have shed new light on what Master Chief does when nature calls. As it turns out, he does not need to remove his suit to relieve himself--every bodily fluid goes into the suit. Halo franchise director Frank O'Connor told Polygon that "everything that Chief secretes in a normal day" goes into the suit.

How big is Master Chief's helmet? ›

14 x 14 x 14 inches

What is Noble Six's real name? ›

(Lieutenant) Natalie-B312 (born July 23rd, 2533), known later as Noble Six or by ONI records as Codename CHAPEL, was a SPARTAN-III commando and member of Beta Company in the UNSC, and of Naval Special Warfare Command.

Can Master Chief beat Samus? ›

Samus Aran will win due to her Arm Cannon and highly powered Power Suit. The Master Chief may not even carry enough ammo to get through the suits' defenses. And the whole time Samus Aran can be sending a never ending flow of particle beams at him.

Who would win Master Chief or Kratos? ›

Kratos sadly stomps. Chief's only real advantages are "Superior technology" and "More versatile weapons."

How tall is the shortest Spartan? ›

Physical description. Lucy is one of the smallest Spartan-IIIs. At age 12, at the time of Operation: TORPEDO, she was only 160 centimeters (5 ft 3 in) tall and weighed 70 kilograms (150 lb) which was small for a Spartan-III of that age.

At what age do Spartans retire? ›

“No man was allowed to live as he pleased, but in their city, as in a military encampment, they always had a prescribed regimen,” he wrote. As Cartledge writes in Spartan Reflections, it wasn't until age 60 that Spartans finally were allowed to retire from the army—provided that they lived that long.

What age did Spartan men marry? ›

Spartan society didn't discourage romantic love, but marriage and childrearing were both subject to some peculiar cultural and governmental constraints. The state counseled that men should marry at age 30 and women at 20.

Which Spartans survived infinite? ›

76 Spartans were killed at Laconia Station by Cortana in Halo 5. Overall, there was an estimated number of 7150 troops on The Infinity. It seems like Pablo Schreiber – sorry the Master Chief – is the only survivor of the Spartans.

How many Spartans were killed? ›

Leonidas and the 300 Spartans with him were all killed, along with most of their remaining allies.

Did Sparta ever lose a battle? ›

Let us know. Battle of Leuctra, (6 July 371 bce). Fought in Boeotia, Greece, the Battle of Leuctra made Thebes the leading military power among the Greek city-states, ending the long dominance of Sparta.

Is John 117 the best Spartan? ›

On paper he's essentially average at best; the only thing he's good at is Leadership skills but that doesn't translate much when you're alone fighting an army.

What is the most powerful alien in Halo? ›

There are several notable Elites in the Halo universe. The most significant Elite character is the Arbiter, Thel 'Vadam.

What is the strongest boss in Halo? ›

Escharum is easily the most difficult boss in Halo Infinite. With multiple stages, a large shield, and high health, the fight can go on for several minutes, especially on higher difficulties.

What is the strongest elite in Halo? ›

Imperial Admiral elite...the strongest elite to ever live.

How many Spartan 1s are left? ›

There are sixteen Spartan 1.1s, including Janissary James and Kevin Morales. Due to their parents' augmentations, the Spartan 1.1s had to receive injections in order to ensure normal growth without defects. A small vigilante group of SPARTAN 1.1s, seemingly led by Kevin Morales, formed a plan to fight the Covenant.

Do Spartan 2s live longer? ›

Neural degeneration was also considerably slowed, estimated to be nearly three times slower than that of an unaugmented human in peak health. While the ONI initially projected optimal Spartan lifespan to be 150 Earth years, it would later be extended to 200. In contrast to the benefits, there were also some anomalies.

How many kills is Killionaire Halo? ›

The Killionaire medal is awarded for killing ten opponents within four seconds of each other in standard multiplayer games (and Halo: Spartan Assault) and within less time in campaign and Firefight. In Halo 4 multiplayer and Spartan Ops the kills need only be within 4.5 seconds of each other.

Who is the tallest Brute in Halo? ›

The highest rank in the Brute hierarchy is the Chieftain, whose articulated figure is the tallest of the series at 6¾ inches. Belonging to the Covenant, the Brute Chieftain carries the gravity hammer, a close-range weapon with the ability to alter gravity at a local level and crush his enemies and surroundings.

Is Onyx the highest rank in Halo? ›

Meanwhile, the final and highest rank, Onyx, has a single tier, but has a score rating ranging from 1500 to 2300. Going from the lowest to the highest, the ranks and their tiers in Halo Infinite are: Bronze (6 tiers)

How strong is Master Chief 117? ›

As part of the SPARTAN-II Program's augmentations, John-117 can perform incredible feats of strength. He can lift up to three times his body's weight. And for those of you who aren't keeping minute track of how much Master Chief weighs, he is roughly about 290 pounds (130 kilograms).

What is Master Chief's weakness? ›

1/10 His Rampant AI: Cortana

No list of the Master Chief's weaknesses is complete without Cortana. She was a near-constant presence in his life for years and became his only true friend. Cortana is an A.I. created by scanning and copying the consciousness of Doctor Halsey.

Who is the greatest Halo player? ›

Tom Ryan, known under the pseudonym Ogre 2, is a retired professional Halo player from Columbus, Ohio. He is widely considered to be the greatest Halo player of all time. He and his twin brother Dan ("Ogre 1") are known as the "Ogre Twins". In 2005, the Ogre Twins won the gold medal in Halo 2 at the World Cyber Games.

What is the weakest enemy in Halo? ›

The weakest and most comedic of all Covenant enemies are the Grunts. These little triangular guys are always out in force during fights but have very little impact on their proceedings.


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